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This is my old index page, left here for posterity. It's over a decade old and has spent most of that time mothballed, which is why it is so ridiculously out-of-date. I've built a new site here but it's going very slowly. Note that the counters on my pages seem to have gone funny, but I only put them here for a bit of fun.

At last I've written a new set of pages! After a decade of not updating How to get free web pages, I now have a free software guide.

Jon's Pages at
Main index, contains details of other mirrors
music page
Friends, acquaintances and other worthies
How to get free web pages, links to HTML tutorials, and how to publicise pages
Form to send me email

Other exciting pages
Internet Digest
Netsurfer Digest
Issue containing link to Sites that offer free web pages
Scout Report


Mark Merrifeld won the election for Vice President Communications in the recent elections for Leicester University Students Union. Read his manifesto:

By popular request I have now put up counters on some of my pages, but if you load them through a proxy server they can be slightly random, unless you click on reload.

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