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This is an old page, left here for posterity. It's over a decade old and has spent most of that time mothballed, which is why it is so ridiculously out-of-date. I'm building a new site here but it's going very slowly. Note that the counters on my pages seem to have gone funny, but I only put them here for a bit of fun.

At last I've written a new set of pages! After a decade of not updating How to get free web pages, I now have a free software guide.

First of all, you must choose where you are going to place your page(s). Some organisations will allow non-profit organisations and individuals free web space.

Then, you will need to write your page(s) in HTML.

After writing your page(s), it is a good idea to announce to the world where your information can be found.

To find out about copyright issues of web pages, look at
Making your Web Page
Answers to Patent, Copyright, Trademark Questions: Getting a Return on Your Creativity(ROC) in the Information Age
Organisations that offer free webspace
Sites that offer FREE WEB PAGES LIST of low cost web space services
HTML tutorials
HTML Tutorials
Publicising web pages
How to publicise your web pages
Thanks to
all the people who helped or supplied information


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