How to publicise web pages

How to publicise your web page

Register the URL with search engines and indexes:
FAQ: How To Announce Your New Web Site
GNA Meta-Library Submission Form
Submit It!
Infoseek Guide: Submitting Your Site to Infoseek Guide [NEW!]
Internet Magazine’s What’s New on the Internet
Add to Yahoo (Read Yahoo Frequently Asked Questions
WebCrawler URL Submission
The Global On-Line Directory
What's New Too Submit Page
WWOTI: Register your home page
1000+ places to submit/promote your web page FREE!!
Register URLs with a Gatherer running at CU
Lycos URL Registration Form
DACLOD instructions
New UK WWW Sites
NETCENTER, the Center of the Internet!
How to Create Web Services
Yahoo - Computers:World Wide Web:Announcement Services
The WWW list of servers: WWW Server Registration
Post the details to relevant newsgroups, including (if applicable)
comp.infosystems.www.announce (Read the Charter FAQ of comp.infosystems.www.announce) (See Net-Happenings Resource SubmittalForm)
See also
List of HTML files on IRIX (if your page(s) are on Leicester University's Irix computer)
New Pages on the WWW List
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
A list of Virtual Libraries on the Web
Mosaic Home Page
Whats New Mosaic
Whats New Netscape
Who's Who on the Internet
Other Home Page Listings
Request for Link from the WDVL
UK Sensitive Map - Academic
UK Student Home pages
United Kingdom Based WWW Servers.
New UK WWW Sites
United Kingdom Based WWW Servers.
UK Internet Sites
World-Wide Web Servers: Summary
New UK WWW Sites
Yahoo - Computers:World Wide Web:Announcement Services
Yahoo - Reference:Indices to Web Documents:Free for All Pages
Yahoo - Reference:Indices to Web Documents
Yahoo - Computers:World Wide Web:Announcement Services:Robots
Yahoo - Computers:World Wide Web:Announcement Services:Usenet
Announcements of new WWW servers
Pointers To Pointers (TM)

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