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This is an old page, left here for posterity. It's over a decade old and has spent most of that time mothballed, which is why it is so ridiculously out-of-date. I'm building a new site here but it's going very slowly. Note that the counters on my pages seem to have gone funny, but I only put them here for a bit of fun.

At last I've written a new set of pages! After a decade of not updating How to get free web pages, I now have a free software guide.

None of the sites below are mine, if you want details on any of them you'll have to click on the hyperlinks in the descriptions.

I have put [NEW!] next to the sites I have added recently.

The list of sites

(mail me if you know of any others)Site) [NEW!]

Free web site (10.5Mb/sec.) for webmasters and designers. Internet access and presence provider,non-virtual and virtual server hosting, co-location, database, secure transactions, domain registration, international provider of budget WWW services.
123 Go Global
Achievement International
We believe in the gift of sharing and with that in mind we are delighted to make available free home pages to people and organizations who, we feel, would benefit from such a service. There are no guidelines or rules for anyone seeking a free home page. All applications are taken and read by all our employees and we agree on acceptance by a majority vote - that's it.
Free Home Page
A La Carte Guide to North America
All lodgings located in the United States or Canada are eligible to be listed in the A la Carte Guide to North America and are entitled to a FREE World Wide Web page with their listing by simply completing the form on the page.
A la Carte Guide to North America
ALLfaiths Press
Free web pages to any and all religious organizations
ALLfaiths Press
Alpha Point
we are offering FREE WEB SPACE for the purposes of publishing fiction or non-fiction pages. We are seeking continuity pages (ongoing works-in-progress, so to speak -- examples are up at the site) that take advantage of the Web as a new medium, especially if they exploit the interactive element of the medium. No advertisements for your own sites or products, please; they will be rejected. Alpha Point just wants to produce creative material.
Alpha Point
AlternateMedia (Singapore)
AlternateMedia is an Internet Solution Provider in Singapore serving Singapore and the Southeast asia region. We would like to announce that we are providing free web spaces for charity organisation. Those interested can contact us at
AngelFire Inc.
AngelFire (Australia)
Free storage for non-commercial web pages. Only available to Australian residents.
BayScenes Non-Profit Page
Is a site dedicated to all aspects of BBSing. We have a full boolean searchable listing of over 40,000 worldwide BBS's (The only one of it's kind on or off the Internet) We also offer FREE web pages for BBS SysOp's, BBS Software Authors, And BBS Networks. No hidden charges. There has never has been and never will be a charge for your Page.
Beverly Hills Internet
Buffalo Freenet (USA)
Only for local residents
http to it
telnet to it
Chebucto FreeNet (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Need to send photocopy of ID
http to Chebucto FreeNet
telnet to Chebucto FreeNet
CurBet Communications (Virginia, USA)
For non-profit/charitable organisations in Virginia
The Free Web Page Offer
CyberNet (Canada)
CyberNet provides FREE Web Space to non profit groups.
DataRealm Web Services (USA)
Free to non-profit organisations
1MB space
DataRealm Internet Services
Deaf Queer Resource Center
Offers one free page to non-profit Deaf AIDS and Lesbigay groups
Deaf Queer Resource Center
Diocese of Ely, Church of England (Ely, UK) [NEW!]
offers free web space to parishes and church groups within the diocese. Other church-related groups in the diocese considered.
Parochial Home Pages
or mail
The General Board of Global Ministries [NEW!]
Free Web Space to United Methodist Churches, Districts, Annual Conferences, Jurisdictions, and General Conference
The General Board of Global Ministries is offering free space (up to 5 megabytes) on its web server to the United Methodist organizations named above. This offer includes providing each group with a shell account that gives it access to its own subdirectory through FTP and telnet.
Provides free websites to some organizations in the genealogy field. We will continually consider adding additional free sites for the following topics: Genealogy, History, Investors (in our Internet Service Provider), and unique references to backwoods living, inventors, references to, Scottish and/or English connection. Email:
GeoCities Homesteading on the World Wide Web
The Gnomes Guest House [NEW!]
We offer a free web page (including creation) to non-profit organizations.
Gulfcoast On-Line Development, Inc.
offers free Web pages to non-profit organizations, schools and churches.
Gulfcoast On-Line Development
FREE Web sites for Gordon Conferees (Magnesium in Biochemical Processes)
although will give the same offer to any serious magnesium researcher.
FREE Web sites for Gordon Conferees
Grand Rapids FreeNet (USA)
Grand Rapids Freenet
Richard M. Greenwood (USA)
Creates web-links for non-profit and community groups in San Diego
Free web-links for groups in San Diego
telnet to
Homepages for the HomeLess
One page, graphics
Homepages for the HomeLess
Hong Kong CyberCity (Hong Kong)
Offers free webpages to anyone in the world.
5 Megabytes diskspace or more can be available, it's free for all non-profit organizations or personal users.
Hong Kong CyberCity
Internet Rockhouse
Free home page for musicians
Internet Rockhouse Home Page
Leicestershire-Online (Leics, UK)
Free space for charities
Leicestershire on-line
Macrocosm (California, USA)
Offers free space for one page, it must be already designed and formatted.
Must be for a progressive nonprofit or educational intitution.
Will consider more space depending on the project proposal and how well it fits into our guidelines. We also have many add-link features
MarketNet (UK)
Offers a single free page without graphics, pesonal or commercial, fast
Secure link to MarketNet
Naples FreeNet
http to Naples FreeNet
telnet to Naples FreeNet
National Capital Freenet (Canada)
http to NCF
telnet to NCF
New Millennium Magazine
free web page publication of all new age, consciousness, metaphisical related topics.
Xenia - New Millenium Magazine
Nikos.COM (Italy)
Free web space for non-profit Italian organizations.
Up to 200K free
Nonprofit Outreach Network, Inc.
We create free web pages and/or provide web space for nonprofit organizations.
Nonprofit Outreach Network, Inc.
Nova (Italy)
Italian Internet presence provider. We provide complete WEB solutions to business of all size and free pages to people with ideas. For the moment most pages are in Italian, but we will create an English version of the ones with international ambitions.
Forniamo servizi e consulenza per la presenza in rete ad aziende di ogni dimensione, e pagine gratis a persone con idee.
Nyx (USA)
Gives a Unix shell account (100K), but can cost to prove your identity as you must get a form notarised
Pagelist [NEW!]
i am offering free web pages *and* an internet hot list.
Personal Development Network
Personal Development Network: Sign In
Phrantics Public Housing Project
Phrantics Public Housing Project
PowerNet, Inc.
100K storage
Free Home Page Offer
Prairienet (Illiniois, USA)
Free webspace but only if you live in Illinois...
Using an online form, you can pick different backgrounds, bars, buttons, and add links to your favorite sites. There is no charge to individuals or npo's.
Schlund + Partner GmbH (Germany)
Free homepages for German users. Max 1MB capacity, no trade, no sex. Free FTP-Access or update via e-mail.
Schlund + Partner GmbH
The Sprawl
The Sprawl
a site designed for high school and college students, is offering free homepages (up to 1 meg worth of space) to students around the world.
Superb Entertainment [NEW!]
Description: We will provide up to 500KB of web or FTP space (up to 5MB only in VERY special occasions if it is absolutely crucial) for your organization or your personally. You do not have your own Telnet or direct FTP access, instead, you will be given a password for FTP uploads of your files. They will be approved by us and then moved to your area. We only allow a maximum of two updates a month. There are no bandwidth limits.
Conditions and Rules: We will provide space ONLY to non-profit organizations or personal web sites or FTP areas.
Public Services of Superb Entertainments
Symmetrix, Switzerland [NEW!]
Instructions in English and German
The Tardis (UK)
Only if you can get a current Tardis user to sponsor you
the Tardis
TeleSync is proud to announce FREE services to Non-Proft Organizations, Youth Organizations, Senior Organizations, Schools/Learning Centers, including Basic HTML programming, Site Design/Logo Creation, Free server space rental
TeleSync [NEW!]
512K worth of FREE web space. All you have to do is just apply ONLINE! And in a matter of seconds you can upload your files for your homepage.OH.. and no obligation either.
TerraTel AB (Sweden)
Offers 30 pages to schools and non-profit organisations in Sweden
Total World Telecom
HPS International QuickStart Form, Total World Telecom
HPS International QuickStart Form, Total World Telecom
Create a page using their form or write your own HTML
Uebermorgen Online
We provide complete WEB solutions to business of all size and free pages to private people and non profit organisations. Of couse you can build up to 24 page with a maximum of 500KB at all. We also offer form based html editing, so it is verry easy to edit your home page online.
Private Home Pages
Vacation Timeshare Information Service
Timeshare Resorts can use our on-line Home Page Creation Form to submit your resorts Free Home page. Timeshare owners can also place Free classified ads online. Be part of our Vacation Shopping Mall!!!
Video On Line (Italy)
Video On Line
Vive Web Connections (Canada)
FREE space to most non-profit organizations, schools and community centres
Vive Web Connections
WebCentre FreeWeb
100K of server space is yours for the asking..
Content of this space can be:Of a Commercial Nature
The reason WebCentre is only offering Commercial space, is because, many Internet Providers are making space available to their uses for personal pages. Therefore, we decided that since no one was offering FREE commercial space, (unless you are a Non-Profit Organization) that we should do the small businesses of the world a small favor and make this generous offer!
WebCentre FreeWeb
Webville offers free web pages with a reasonable limit on sizes. We also have bargain accounts for people who want a web presence but don't need all the frills.
West Oklahoma Internet Services (USA)
Offers FREE web space to non-profit groups in Western Oklahoma, and to other non-profits who meet our criteria.
West Oklahoma Internet Services
Woodtech Information Systems
Woodtech Information Systems offers free web pages to individuals that have unique ideas for weekly, biweekly, or monthly articles, essays, reviews, news or anything else that can be updated on regular We are looking to give those people, who couldn't get published before the advent of the World Wide Web, a vehicle to do so. Persons interested in finding out more about Woodtech's Provider Plan should contact David Glenn (webmaster)

Or you could try Business and Economy:Companies:Internet Services:Web Presence Providers:Free Web Pages on Yahoo.

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