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This is an old page, left here for posterity. It's over a decade old and has spent most of that time mothballed, which is why it is so ridiculously out-of-date (I can't even remember why it's black - it was a protest against something). I'm building a new site here but it's going very slowly. Note that the counters on my pages seem to have gone funny, but I only put them here for a bit of fun.

My new site is set up as an associate and will contain links direct to the relevant pages on for each band etc. - for now, you can search using this Search Box:-



In Association with

These are my music links, with links to bands down the bottom. A lot of it could I suppose be called alternative music, although this shouldn't be seen as an alternative music page, merely a list of links that I like. To look for other interesting things, you could try searching at Infoseek, look at Yahoo, or look at the Usenet newsgroups. Infoseek also can be searched just for topics, eg Music genres.

I have started to include newsgroups in this list. If any don't work on your system, it's because your news service does not subscribe to that newsgroup, so ask them to put it up.

In common with my other pages, I have started to put NEW! next to entries that I have recently added or altered, but I'm still looking for a nice gif to use. If you know of one, please email me.



Other band-page link sites

, including record companies NEW!

Local (East Midlands)

See Leicester-ish links


Usenet Newsgroups
There are lots of these that might be relevant, but you might find the following useful
Music newsgroups (on netscape)
Music newsgroups
Music Related USENET Newsgroups Group List
How to get your site to carry an alt.* newsgroup of your choice


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